Our massages are given at our store.

We welcome you from Monday to Friday at our showroom in Marseille.

Located a stone’s throw from Place Castellane, the shop “Les Joyaux de Madagascar” is located at 2 rue du Commandant Imhaus in the 6th arrondissement of Marseille.
Call us at 04 91 44 69 61 to book your session.


70 €
Duration of the session : 1h00
60 €
Duration of the session : 1h00
55 €
Duration of the session : 1h00

The Sculpting massage

Radically stimulating and remodeling massage with Solika Sculpt oil.

With this treatment, you will restructure your silhouette and regain light legs. The protocol is based on the dynamics of bodily fluids: lymph drainage, activation of micro-circulation and regeneration of your skin.

Parts of your body treated : feet, legs, kidneys, belly and arms.

The Revitalizing massage

Come and try this intensely nourishing and invigorating massage with Ultra Revitalizing Oil.

With this treatment, you will repair and rebalance your skin in order to regenerate it and give it radiance and tone.

Parts of your body treated: legs, belly, arms, back, neck, face and scalp.

Le Joyau des Joyaux massage

This very rich massage combines 3 “Joyaux de Madagascar” synergies and will allow you to:

Relieve your tensions and de-stress with a soothing massage of your back, shoulders and feet with Baumanga oil Soothing Oil Baumanga.

Regain energy and tone your body with a stimulating massage of your legs and kidneys with Solika Sculpt oil Solika Sculpt Organic Draining Oil.

Revive your skin with an intensely nourishing massage of your face, neck and scalp with Revitalizing Oil. Organic Revitalizing Oil

The Let go massage

Here is a deeply soothing and relaxing massage with Baumanga oil.

This treatment will relieve your pain and de-stress you by neutralizing your tensions and re-harmonizing the energies.

Parts of your body treated: solar plexus, back, neck, hands and feet