Our story

The story of “Les Joyaux de Madagascar” begins in 2004. Micheline Ghozlan and her daughter Karine Baumander are both passionate about naturopathy and aromatherapy.

They decide to create a unique skincare line, designed from the powerful plants of Madagascar. Inspired by traditional recipes and perfected by careful R&D, “Les Joyaux de Madagascar” are incredibly effective as they heal, revive, soothe and repair …

The are COSMEBIO labeled, certified according to ECOCERT or COSMOS ORGANIC standards and have been recommended for years by L’OBSERVATOIRE DES COSMÉTIQUES.

Praised by thousands of users, “Les Joyaux de Madagascar” have been recommended by many prescribers, doctors, naturopaths, nurses, therapists…


What were the will and the motivation of the founders? Create natural, multifunctional formulas of unprecedented efficiency. In a way, a real natural pharmacy to take care of you and your loved ones !

What are the two essential products to have in every season? This question served as a common thread for the design of the Revitalizing Oil and the Soothing Oil Baumanga.

Our R&D team has real know-how in the field of therapeutic plants; this made it possible to implement the best synergies, while respecting good manufacturing practices.

Our laboratory guarantees compliance with the requirements of Cosmos Organic, the European specialist in the certification of products from organic farming. Each year, the eligible products in the line are ranked among the best cosmetics in their category according to CosmeticObs, the industry’s leading independent information and analysis center.


Madagascar separated from the African continent about 100 million years ago … It is this isolation that is at the origin of its exceptional biodiversity.

Indeed, the Red Island has one of the richest flora in the world and has thousands of endemic species that grow in the wild. Madagascar produces organic plants by essence.

The Malagasy culture around the powers of the island’s medicinal plants is captivating, it must be said that the properties of the majority of them are extraordinary and proven.

Regarding our products, the best varieties are selected from local producers respectful of their environment. Over time, unique links have been forged with these producers. At the same time, Ecocert controls help ensure sustainable agriculture and true fair trade with fair prices and good working conditions.


“Les Joyaux de Madagascar” are composed of essential oils botanically and biochemically defined (HEBBD); they are chemotyped oils.
This name means that each essential oil contained in the formulas is identified by:

The botanical name of the plant from which the part that secretes the oil is extracted
– Its chemotype, that is to say the main molecules it contains.
– Its geographical origin and its method of cultivation: wild, organic or natural

Attachment to the terroir and to the botanical specificity of each plant as well as respect for harvest periods, maturation and distillation times are essential selection elements.

We are constantly on the lookout for the variety and / or origin that is the richest in virtues and benefits, but also for the best know-how of producers.