Les Joyaux de Madagascar” are therapeutic treatments and cosmetics composed of powerful synergies of plants

We have been inspired by traditional recipes that we have perfected thanks to meticulous R&D and that confirmed therapists have tested and validated.
“Les Joyaux de Madagascar” offer exceptional effectiveness on many physical and emotional imbalances through the skin.
The reviews left on this website are the testimonies of proven results.


Composed of 100% active ingredients, “Les Joyaux de Madagascar” treatments are ready to use.
You apply them to your skin, without having to do any mixing beforehand. Each formula is the result of a perfect combination of vegetable oils ultra-rich in fundamental nutrients (essential fatty acids, natural vitamins) and essential oils bursting with powerful active ingredients.

The risk of people who improvise as aromatherapists is therefore avoided.

These synergies are also safe thanks to clinical tests carried out under dermatological control on volunteers. Packaging in a recyclable tinted glass bottle ensures perfect stability of the formulas and a vistop dropper cap guarantees purity.


Some substances taken orally then pass through the various digestive filters. They therefore risk losing their effectiveness.

In addition, it is common for these same substances to negatively impact the liver, intestines and stomach.

The synergies of “Jewels of Madagascar” are used in local application ; they will cross the layers of the epidermis and act at the level of the microcirculation to offer targeted results.

For example, Baumanga Soothing Oil will promote your muscle relaxation through the skin to facilitate sleep, unlike a sleeping pill which would operate on your brain by creating an artificial rest with potential adverse effects!


Many traditional medicines have shown that body and mind are inseparable. Each problem must be understood as a whole.

Thus, an emotional imbalance can result in a physical imbalance. Conversely, a physical imbalance can lead to an emotional imbalance.
“Les Joyaux de Madagascar” embraces this theory and formulates treatments aimed at both cause and effect.

This is the reason why, in cases of eczema or psoriasis, we recommend using the Revitalizing Oil which acts on the shape (the plaques) as well as the soothing Baumanga Oil which operates on the substance (this which generates the plaques) namely from stress, anxiety or even an emotional shock.