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4 massages of your choice are available, your guest can choose one on site according to their needs and desires!

For the purchase of a gift card, we will send you a pretty card with its envelope.
You will be able to write a personalized word and send it from your place of residence!

If you wish, we can also send the card …
You have the possibility to give us your text at the bottom right of the order form in the “Order Notes” frame or by email to


Choose from our massages:

The Sculpt
Radically stimulating and reshaping massage with Solika Sculpt oil.
This treatment helps to restructure the silhouette and restore light legs by promoting the dynamics of bodily fluids:
lymph drainage, activation of microcirculation and regeneration of the epidermis.
Body parts covered: feet – legs – kidneys – stomach and arms


The Conditioner
Intensely nourishing and invigorating massage with Ultra Revitalizing Oil.
This treatment repairs and rebalances the skin in order to regenerate it and give it radiance and tone.
Body parts covered: legs – stomach – arms – back – neck – face – scalp


Le joyau des Joyaux
A very rich massage combining 3 synergies “Les Joyaux de Madagascar” and allowing to:
Relieve tension and de-stress with a soothing massage of the back, shoulders and feet with Baumanga oil.
Regain energy and tone your body thanks to a stimulating massage of the legs and kidneys with Solika Sculpt oil.
Get a new skin thanks to an intensely nourishing massage of the face, neck and scalp with Revitalizing Oil.


Letting go
Deeply soothing and relaxing massage with Baumanga oil.
This treatment helps relieve pain and de-stress by neutralizing tensions and re-harmonizing energies.
Body parts approached: solar plexus – back – neck – hands and feet

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Les Formules "Précieuses de Madagascar" ont été renommées. C'est la raison pour laquelle les noms d'origine figurent encore dans certains témoignages manuscrits (livre d'or) et postés (internet) que nous avons retranscrits ici. L’ "Huile Précieuse de Madagascar" est devenue "L’Huile Revitalisante". La "Crème Précieuse de Madagascar" est devenue la "Crème Redensifiante et Liftante". Le "Baume Précieux de Madagascar" est devenu le "Baume Nourrissant et Réparateur".
Rassurez-vous, les formules n'ont pas changé et sont toujours recommandées par le Guide des Meilleurs Cosmétiques!!


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